My Team

The My Team tool inside of UA LMS allows supervisors to monitor the training completion status for each of their direct reports.

Please note that because the tool is based on supervisor information from Banner, any questions related to why an employee is or is not included in your list should be directed to Human Resources.

Access My Team

Employees Not on UA Payroll

Please be aware that if you supervise any individuals who are not classified as regular employees (ZClasses), you will be responsible for communicating training requirements to these individuals.  This group includes contractors and other individuals who are not paid through UA Payroll.  Because this group can be somewhat fluid and there seems to be a lag in getting their records updated when their working arrangement ends, they were not automatically given 2021 training assignments.  However, all individuals who are actively working on our campus or in UA programs full or part-time must complete mandatory training by April 30.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to inform these individuals about their training requirements and ensure that the training is completed.  They will not receive automated reminders from UA LMS.

Since ZClass employees did not receive automated assignments, they will need to self-enroll in the required courses.  Please see the instructions below.

To access Compliance Training in UA LMS:

  1. Log into myBama.
  2. Click on the Campus Life tab.
  3. Click on the UA LMS logo.
  4. From the UA LMS home page, find the red Compliance & Ethics Training catalog and click “View Courses.”
  5. All available 2021 Compliance Training courses will be displayed.  Click the course title to enroll.  Consult the table below to determine which courses are required.

2021 Compliance Training Assignments

Courses labeled as “Core” are required for all full or part-time employees.  Refer to the Compliance Training FAQs for more information about this year’s training assignments.

wdt_ID Title Estimated Length Audience
1 Child Abuse Reporting Review 5-10 min Core
2 Cybersecurity Awareness 10-20 min Core
3 Equal Opportunity, Sexual Misconduct, and Title IX 15-20 min Core
4 FERPA: Confidentiality of Student Records 10-15 min Core
5 Run, Hide, Fight: Active Threat Overview 10-15 min Core
6 Suicide Prevention: Ask, Listen, Refer 20-30 min Core
7 Fighting Identity Theft: The Red Flags Rule 20-30 min Only those who work with covered accounts
8 GLBA Review 10-20 min Only those who work with student financial data
9 HIPAA Basics: Use and Disclosure of PHI 20-30 min Only those who work with medical records
10 Introduction to Hazard Communication 5-10 min New employees or those changing roles