Starting April 8, 2024, the Compliance Contract Review will be required for all contracts related to IT vendors or the purchase of software. The Compliance Contract Review Form collects pertinent information about prospective new or existing IT vendors, software platforms, and IT service needs. Using this information, we evaluate the contract and determine if adopting the product would compromise UA’s compliance and legal obligations and/or information security.

Departments should submit this form if they are interested in working with any IT vendor and/or software platform. This form should be completed and approved prior to uploading any contract documents in the Procurement Contract Portal.

The form needs to be filled out in as much detail as possible, including full and accurate contact information, any contracts/paperwork available from the vendor and costs associated with the project. This will initiate the review process, where various campus partners will review to ensure compliance and legal obligations are satisfied. Some of these areas may reach out to the requestor with additional questions or to request further information if necessary.

The form will be accessed through the One Trust Self-Service Portal. Please refer to the training video below which provides step by step instructions for completing the form. You can also use this Step Guide PDF to assist you in accessing and completing the form.

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One Trust Self-Service Portal Training Video