UA Instructor Led Training Portal

The new UA Instructor Led Training (ILT) Portal will allow departments and individuals across campus to accurately monitor and track training courses that are currently not being captured in any other learning management system (LMS) or database. The purpose of this portal is to provide centralized documentation and recordkeeping for training courses that are being hosted, conducted and attended by UA faculty, staff and students both on and off campus.

With this online portal, UA faculty, staff and students can:

  • Track training sessions that have been attended in person, regardless of location.
  • Track the training sessions that have been or are currently documented on paper. The portal will provide digital and everlasting documentation of these records.
  • Track training sessions associated with conferences, continuing education, or certification maintenance, regardless of where they were offered.
  • Quickly create new sessions of existing trainings / courses.
  • Access a personalized landing page that details all the trainings users have hosted and/or participated in as a trainee.
  • Use an online sign-in form for trainings, making documenting attendance easier to capture and access in the future.

Access the UA Online Training Portal

Instructions for using the UA Online Training Portal (pdf)

Instructor Led Training Portal Quick Facts

Approved Training Sign-In Sheet (pdf)

Download an approved sign-in form to be used for training sessions. Other department specific sign-in forms can be used as long as it contains the same pieces of information.

What you need to know:

  • All areas of campus are able to use the UA online training portal to document training that is not already being tracked in other learning management systems or searchable in a current database. By 2018, use of this system will be mandatory for any training occurring outside a UA provided LMS.
  • Beginning Oct. 1, 2017, departments should begin loading any courses from the past five years that are not currently searchable in a database to the new UA online training portal.
  • The portal should be used for users to document individual training, courses or conferences that they cannot document in other systems.