Marcy Huey, PhD, CCEP

Executive Director of Institutional Compliance

(205) 348-2334

Compliance and Ethics Oversight, Privacy

Katy Galloway, MA, CCEP

Compliance, Ethics and Regulatory Affairs Coordinator

(205) 348-2271

Drone Registration, Regulatory Monitoring, and Special Projects

Jennifer Clark, MS

Institutional Compliance Coordinator

(205) 348-2304

Policy Management and Compliance Training

Kathy Brunot, CGMS, GPC

Grants Manager of Finance and Operations Grants

(205) 348-9822

Grants, Policy Review, and Program Support

Riane Sullivan

Institutional Compliance Specialist

(205) 348-4629

Youth Protection Program

Isabelle Holcombe

Institutional Compliance Specialist

(205) 348-2334

Office Administration and Program Support