What is the role of a University policy?

Our University policies are meant to guide and enable our community members to uphold The University of Alabama’s values and expectations.

It is a goal of the Office of Compliance, Ethics and Regulatory Affairs to assist UA faculty, students, staff, volunteers and visitors understand and follow the many laws, regulations, policies and procedures that the University has implemented.

What is a University Policy?

A University policy is defined as any policy that meets all of the following criteria:

  • has broad application or impact throughout the University across colleges, schools, institutes and/or operating units, including policies whose subject matter or budgetary impact requires review and approval;
  • seeks to ensure compliance with applicable laws, ethical norms, accepted best practices, promotion of operational efficiencies, enhancement of the University’s mission, and/or reduction of institutional risks; and
  • mandates or constrains actions.

Employees engaged in developing University policies must follow the requirements outlined in The University of Alabama Policy Development and Management Policy for drafting, approving, and amending University policies.

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