Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned during youth programs.  Despite our best efforts there may be incidents or accidents involving participants or program staff.  These situations need to be documented and reported to the appropriate University authorities.  This page is intended as a guide to help program directors learn how and where to report different types of incidents.


On-campus emergency situations should be immediately reported to UAPD at 348-5454.  Off-campus emergencies should be reported by calling 911, but UAPD should also be notified.  See the Youth Program Emergency Plan template (pdf) for details on managing various types of emergency situations.

Child Abuse or Neglect

Known or suspected child abuse or neglect should be reported immediately to UAPD at 348-5454.  After the initial report is made the following form should be submitted to document the details.

Child Abuse or Neglect Report (pdf)

UA Student Conduct

UA faculty, staff, or students my report incidents arising from UA student conduct through the online form linked below.  Others may report by calling the Dean of Students Office at 205-348-3326.

UA Student Conduct Incident Report

Campus Crime

Due to the University’s responsibilities under the Clery Act, we must gather and report crime statistics about our campus.  Known or suspected crimes should be reported using the online form.

Clery Campus Security Authority Reporting Form

Youth Program Concerns

Concerns related to youth program supervision or participant behavior may be reported by calling 348-2334, emailing youthprotection@ua.edu, or using the online form.

Report Youth Program Concerns

Injuries and Illness

After obtaining the appropriate medical care or first aid, injuries and illnesses should be reported to the Youth Protection Program by calling 348-2334, emailing youthprotection@ua.edu, or using the online form.

Injury and Illness Report

Title IX Violations

Any student, faculty or staff member, or campus visitor may report illegal discrimination, dating or domestic violence, stalking, harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, or other Title IX violations through a UAct report.

UAct Incident Report

Compliance and Fraud Hotline

Compliance and fraud issues may be reported anonymously through the online form linked below or by calling the hotline at 1-866-362-9476.  These reports are managed through a third party to ensure confidentiality.

Online Compliance and Fraud Reporting

General Incidents

Incidents not covered by any of the descriptions above, should be reported to Risk Management through the General Incident Report. This form allows us to capture the details in case they are needed later on.

General Incident Report (pdf)