Go Learn logo features a white play button over a twisted blue shape


Line drawing of a smartphone displaying the home page of the UA LMS mobile app.

UA LMS is available though a mobile app called Go.Learn.  From the app you can easily register for instructor-led courses, complete e-learning courses, and view other assets.

Install the App

The Go.Learn mobile app is available for both iOS (including iPads) and Android devices. You can download the app by searching for “Go.Learn” in the Apple Store or in Google Play Store.

Logging into Go.Learn

To access the app, tap on the app’s icon to launch it.

  1. On the first page, you will be asked to enter your learning platform’s URL.  Enter ualms.docebosaas.com.  Then, press Proceed to Login Page.
  2. On the login page, click Since in with Google SAML.
  3. You will be directed to the UA login screen. Enter your myBama ID and Password.
Screenshot of Go.Learn Welcome screen. Instructions: Please enter your platform address to access your LMS. A button reads "Proceed to Login Page."
Step 1:  Enter the URL: ualms.docebosaas.com
Screenshot of Go.Learn Login. It reads, "You are logging into https://ualms.docebosaas.com" There are blanks to enter a username followed by a red button that reads "Sign In" and a blue button the reads "Sign in with Google SAML>"
Step 2:  Click Sign in with Google SAML.
Screenshot of UA Login Portal. There are blanks to enter your myBama Id and Password.
Step 3: Login with myBama ID