The Youth Protection Program is making exciting changes to program and participant registration.  Find out what’s new!

What is an External Program?

An external program, or third-party program, is one that is not owned or operated by The University of Alabama, but is held on the UA campus.  Except for the use of the facilities, an external program is not otherwise affiliated with The University of Alabama.  These programs must have a University department or college sponsor.

External programs must comply with all University policies, including all University standards as described in the Youth Protection Policy for External Entities/Third-party Programs and the Guide for Third-Party Youth Programs.

Requirements for External Programs

  • UA Sponsor
    A member of University personnel or a UA department must sponsor a third-party Youth Program in order for the program to be held on UA campus. The Program Sponsor maintains responsibility for the program throughout the registration process, during the program activities, and until the program has ended.  For more details on the role played by the Program Sponsor, see the Guide for Third-Party Youth Programs.
  • Contract
    External programs must establish a contractual relationship with the University.  This may be in the form of a traditional contract or a permissive use agreement (PUA).  A copy of the fully executed contract or PUA must be submitted with the program registration.  To initiate a contract, the UA Sponsor must submit a Contract Request Form.  Upon review, the sponsor will be notified if the request is approved to move forward with both contracting or registration, or if the program is not allowed to move forward.
  • Certificate of Insurance
    The University requires that external entities operating youth programs on-campus must carry minimum levels of insurance coverage and that the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama must be listed as additionally insured.  A copy of the insurance certificate will be required with the program registration.
  • Staff Training
    All program staff must be trained on the University’s Child Abuse Reporting Policy and Procedures.  To facilitate this process, the program director must complete the Staff Information Form and email it to  Staff will be contacted by email to complete the online training through the UA LMS.  If you are not UA faculty, staff, or student with a myBama login, a profile in the guest portal will need to be created.  A finalized staff list must be provided a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start date of the program to ensure enough time for staff to complete the training requirement.  It is also expected that the program will be responsible for ensuring that staff are trained on the following topics:
    • Code of conduct for participants and staff
    • Techniques for managing participant behavior
    • Emergency procedures
    • Supervision standards
    • Appropriate contact with participants
    • Management of participant medications and disability accommodations
    • Pick up and drop off procedures
  • Background Checks
    External programs must conduct background checks on all program staff who will be working with children and submit a completed Background Check Certification Statement.  Background checks must meet the UA standards outlined in the statement.  The Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Regulatory Affairs will not manage background checks for external programs.

FAQs for External Programs

Who should fill out and submit the registration form?

The registration form must be completed by a UA employee.  All external programs are required to have a sponsoring department at UA, and a person from that department will serve as the liason throughout the registration process.

What if I disagree with the Contract Review decision?

The sponsor or a representative from the external program can submit a Request for Appeal.  This request is reviewed by a committee of senior administration, who has the final say in all program decisions.

How are background checks managed for external programs?

The external entity may conduct background checks through a vendor of their choice, at their own expense, as long as they provide written certification that all staff have been checked AND as long as the checks conducted meet University standards as explained in the Guide for Third-Party Youth Programs.

How do I contact the university’s background check provider to set up an account?

Once your program registration is received, you will be provided with contact information.

Does the Background Check Certification have to be notarized?  Where is notary service available?

Yes.  Notary services are available on campus in the Ferguson center at the University Union or at the Alabama Credit Union.  If these are inconvenient, check with your local bank or mail store.

Do I need to submit a Staff Information Form?

Yes.  While we do not manage the background check process for external programs, we do still require that all program staff complete the University’s training on child abuse reporting.  We need your staff list so we can send out the training invitations and track the completion.

What do I do if a staff member is not approved to work due to their background check results?

If you find that a staff member cannot be approved to work in your program due to results from their background check, please notify our office at immediately.  Please be sure that you are carefully following the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act before you take action on background check results.