boys sits at a computer having a video conference with an adult teacher

There are many youth programs choosing a virtual format to host programs, and the Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Regulatory Affairs has collected resources to help program directors navigate and maintain the health and safety of participants and staff. For any questions, please contact the Youth Protection Program at 205-348-2334 or

What is an Online Youth Program?

A program for or including youth participants that involves an online component would be considered an Online Youth Program.  These programs may involve live virtual meetings or asynchronous activities.

Requirements for UA-Sponsored Online Youth Programs

All program requirements are explained in detail in the Guide for UA Youth Programs.

  • Program Registration
    All Online Youth Programs are required to submit a program registration, regardless of parent, guardian, teacher oversight of the activity or program. The registration must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of the date when participant registration is to begin to allow sufficient time for the form to be reviewed and to allow time for the registration portal to be configured.
  • Participant Registration Platform
    UA-Sponsored programs will utilize participant registration through Ryzer.  Through this platform, all participants will electronically complete the standard liability waiver, medical information, and medication management forms.
  • Training
    All program staff, including current UA employees, students, volunteers, and/or contractors, must complete training prior to the start date of the program.  This training is delivered electronically and managed through the Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Regulatory Affairs (CERA).
  • Background Checks
    All program staff, including current UA employees, students, volunteers, and/or contractors who will be working with children, must have successfully completed a background check with the Youth Protection Program within the 12 months prior to the start date of the program.  
  • Participant Accommodations Review
    Disability accommodation requests collected through the medical information form must be reviewed and a plan must be created in cooperation with the parent to ensure that the needs of the participant are addressed.  CERA will coordinate with the parents and program director to maintain appropriate documentation.  However, program directors are responsible for engaging in the process and documenting any requests that come in outside of the registration portal.
  • Document Retention 
    Any liability waivers or program specific forms that are collected outside of the registration portal must be forwarded to CERA at the conclusion of the program.