Recap of the most important points related to use of this system:

  • Records that are currently tracked through another LMS do NOT need to be entered into the ILT.  The goal is to only capture the training information that is not currently recorded in any other database location.
  • Training sessions that have associated compliance obligations (required under federal or state regulations) are priority for entering into the ILT database. The system is flexible enough to track any type of training, conference or course attendance, certification or CEU documentation, and you are free to use it for whatever benefits your area in that regard; but the Committee agreed that the initial focus would be on those documents that are associated with required
  • Three main data elements were selected based on what is or has been frequently requested from external auditors and investigators, i.e. past requests received by UA from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. These three data elements are:  1)  course name (what training was provided), 2) section (who provided it), and 3) attendees (who received it) . Based on the comments from potential heavy users of the system, we made use of each of these data elements as flexible as possible.

Options regarding capturing the attendees info:

  • A sign in sheet from a previous course can be uploaded as an attachment without transferring/or inputting the data into the attendees section.
  • If you wish to enter the attendee information, this database is tied to other UA systems, allowing you to search and add individuals by name or by mybama – this means it is not necessary to type all the information into the system, you can simply click on the right person and the system will auto-populate for you.
  • There is also an  option to allow attendees to sign themselves in via computer or iPad for current in person training courses by using the electronic sign in sheet.
  • Initially, the use of CWIDs was discussed as alternate identifiers, but there were concerns from the committee members about that being too cumbersome, so the system was not set up to collect that data.
  • As a reminder, this phase is only being shared with the members of the committee to allow for assessment of document volume and to determine appropriate implementation timelines for future phases.

Even though the flexibility of the system should help with the data entry, it’s still a huge project!  So to help facilitate that, we are offering assistance with loading any of your information.  If you will provide us with the records, I will work with my staff and our student employees to enter information according to what will be most helpful to your area.  If you want to create the courses, we can add the sessions and/or the attendees.  If you want to create the session and load a sign in sheet, we will extract the details on the attendees.   We just need to know what will be of the most benefit for your area.  The only caveat is the understanding that we will not have your detailed knowledge, so we will need some guidance on course or session information.