2022 Compliance Training Pilot

The Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Regulatory Affairs invites interested faculty, staff, and student employees to join a pilot group to help fine tune the 2022 Compliance Training assignments.  After the 2021 training, feedback was gathered from a wide range of campus users, and we have worked to implement many of their suggestions.  Before we push this training out to the campus as a whole, we want to gather feedback from a diverse group of University employees.  As a pilot group member you will be asked to take a few courses (you get to choose which ones and how many) and provide feedback through an electronic survey.

Our goals for the 2022 Compliance Training are:

  • Continue to keep content streamlined and focused on how we do things at UA.
  • Incorporate customized content based on the learner’s role where appropriate.
  • Create simplified refresher courses for topics that are repeated year after year.

We’d like your input on how well we did in reaching those goals.  If you choose to participate, not only will you win our eternal gratitude, but any courses that you complete now will count toward your 2022 training requirements.

A few pertinent details:

  • The pilot will begin on July 5.  The courses you choose must be completed by Friday, July 29.
  • You will be required to complete a feedback survey after each course that you complete as part of the pilot.
  • To be eligible to participate, you must have already completed all of your assigned compliance training courses for 2021.
  • The regular training period will run from September 1 through October 31.  Those who may find it difficult to complete the training during that window are encouraged to join the pilot group.  However, please be aware that some courses may not be available during the pilot timeframe, and pilot members may still receive some assignments in September.
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